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    Lectures & Workshops

    Empowering quilters to fulfill their creative dreams.

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    StrataVarious Quilts

    The “Strata Girls” developed their own technique and wrote a book, StrataVarious Quilts.

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    Applique Quilts

    Our applique technique is extremely beginner-friendly, something anyone can do and it looks great!

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  • The Strata Girls

    The Strata Girls

    Sisters, quilters, authors, teachers, and fabric & quilt designers.

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Featured Product: StrataVarious Quilts

Barbara and Mary's well-known book of 9 patterns.

Would You Like to Have the Strata Girls Speak at Your Guild or Event? We have a number of Lecture and Workshop options to choose from.

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Customer Reviews for StrataVarious Quilts:

I am Inspired!

I love this book! The technique is fascinating and it produces beautiful quilts as well as backgrounds for layered designs. I will reproduce a couple of the book’s quilts but, more importantly, I will use the technique for other projects. I am inspired! — Judith Collins / Birmingham, AL

Incredible Depth!

I am so delighted by this book. Mary Hoover and Barbara Persing are such talented sisters. Their eye for creativity gives an incredible depth to a traditional art. This is a must buy for anyone interested in quilting! — Mary Martin / Haddonfireld, NJ

Great Concept!

A great book. Very different from what I usually see. The quilts look like art quilts when they are completed, but they are so easy. You create “stratas” by piecing together strips, then cut squares or triangles to create the quilts. A really great concept and presented very well — clear instructions and illustrations. — A. Bryson / Brooklawn, NJ

Beginner to Advanced Quilters!

This book is great — it has directions for ALL of the quilts in the book, unlike many other quilt books. The directions are clear, easy to follow, and you can tell that the people writing it actually know how to create what they are writing about. Definitely recommend it to anyone from beginner to advanced! — Laura / Thomasville, NC