Rainbow Dash ~ QN Best Fat Quarter Quilts


Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash

How this quilt came to be.

To announce our newly formed relationship with Island Batik fabrics, they had created some awesome fabrics for us to play with. As usual we loved how they all looked together so we decided to design something that incorporated as many of the pieces as possible. Since the colors are so vibrant we knew immediately that we wanted to pair them with black.

We’ve been designing Dresden circle quilts for quite a while and just love how they look and yet, are so incredibly easy to make. This, for us, was the perfect place to start.

Since we’re known for using many fabrics in our projects, it’s no surprise that fat quarters are our go-to almost every time. Our design process is organic, meaning rarely have a fully formed plan so we just never know where it’s going to go. In this case, after making the dresden circles, we had a large section of the fat quarter left over. That’s how that crazy, amazing border happened. We love it!


And the quilting? Subtle yet effective…awesome free motion swirls.


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Mary & Barbara