Our Favorite things ~ Two ~ A Great Rotary Cutter

As anyone that works with tools will tell you, the right tool for the job is invaluable. We quilters are no different, we sure do love our gadgets. Now don’t tell us you don’t know what we’re talking about. We know that you have your share of gizmos and widgets that some well-meaning sales person sold to you at a quilt show, the “Latest” and “Greatest” whatever-thing.

Beyond the sewing machine, there is one thing that has changed all of our lives, the rotary cutter.  It was introduced by the Olfa company in 1979 for garment making, however, it was quickly adopted by quilters. Eleanor Burns, we believe, brought this tool to the masses with her popular Quilt-In-a-Day series and television show. It has become the one tool that we simply cannot live without. Olfa still makes a quality product and it is a close second on our list of rotary cutters. That list, by the way, has only two entries.

Olfa was first but many have followed. In teaching quilting classes, we’ve encountered many incarnations of this handy tool. Teaching has also put us in unique position of being able to use and/or try them all.

Our Favorite is the version created by Gingher. It retails for $69.99 and the blade replacements sell for $11.00-$15.00. The stainless steel blades last a really long time.


Gingher has long been the leader of high quality scissors, a position well deserved with a reputation that remains pristine.

The cutter has a nickel finish, a comfort grip handle and has a balanced shape for greater cutting control. Retractable internal blade guards makes it easy to view the blade edge. This rotary cutter also comes with a low profile guard button that doesn’t get in the way of positioning. For added convenience, you can hang the cutter through its base hole for storage.

  • Dimensions: 7.25 inches
  • Nickel finish is durable, attractive and easy-to-clean.
  • Hang hole for storage or attaching ribbon for easy identification.
  • Internal blade guard retracts completely into handle providing optimum blade edge visibility.
  • Thumb-activated lock secures the rotary blade in either position for convenience during extended use and safety during storage.
  • Ergonomically sculpted handle fits your hand comfortably for excellent control.
  • Unique design provides optimal blade visibility in both right-handed and left-handed versions.

Their version comes in only one size, 45mm. It’s the size we use most often, so we’re good with that.

The blade is easily changed without having to touch the new or used blade, a very handy feature.



We’ve both been using this cutter since it was introduced and we’ve loved it every day. That’s why it’s on our Favorite Things List.


But wait, YOU CAN WIN ONE!

In the spirit of this giving season we want to give one away. Here are the rules:

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That’s it. Pretty easy. We will private message you through Facebook Messenger if you are the winner. We’ll need to get your name and address and if you’d like either a right or left-handed cutter. The deadline is Tuesday, December 22 at 12:00 noon. The winner will be contacted on December 23. Good luck to all.


Mary & Barbara