Our Favorite Things ~ One ~

For years now, we and all of our sisters and sister-in-law, have had a Christmas gift exchange. Every year we have a theme, and we’ve been through many, many themes,  such as choosing names for secret santa,  gifts of a certain color or of a specific topic like travel or cooking. For the past few years it has simply been to give a gift that is “Your Favorite Thing”.  This year, we’ve combined two ideas; “A favorite thing that you found while on vacation”.

Needless to say, our “favorite thing” frequently revolves around quilting or sewing, sometimes knitting or wool projects. These sorts of gifts don’t always go over well with the group as a whole. Consequently the only person we ever share these sorts of things with is each other.  We thought: “Why not share them with a group that will actually enjoy them?”. So, even though we won’t be buying them for you, it’s still fun to share some of the things we love to use, read or just have.

For our first selection, we have chosen a book: Red & White Quilts: Infinite Variety Presented by The American Folk Art Museum.


It’s a bonus that red is also a color of the season.

This is not just a beautiful book with over 600 antique quilts to enjoy. It also tells the story of the people involved and how they each played a role in this magnificent exhibit.

The exhibit was being shown just hours from our homes, but unfortunately we heard about it on the very day it was closing and we just couldn’t get there in time to see it.

It’s our “favorite” because through the beautiful photography and storytelling we can enjoy the quilts and also find inspiration from the quilters who laid the groundwork for the generations of us to come.

Barbara keeps hers, literally, on her coffee table. Mary received one as a birthday present (thanks Barbara) and keeps it on her night stand.

It is available through The American Folk Art Museum for $50.00.

For yourself or for a friend, it’s a gift worth giving.



Mary & Barbara