International Quilt Market

Last week we found ourselves, once again, at quilt market. This spring we were in Pittsburgh. We really love that city for many reasons, the food, the people and not the least of which is, we got to drive. It was a nice change from always having to fly to get to a show. It gets tedious having to coordinate our flights and with the hassle of airports and of carry-ons and of strategic packing, not to mention the unfortunate food options. Driving means relaxed packing restrictions (more shoes) and being able to bring our own food to stock our mini fridge. Having a car available is so nice. We can’t tell you how hard it is to get a cab driver to bring you across town, to the only CVS open on a Sunday, for emergency migraine medicine or to hunt down the only working ATM. It’s also nice to be able to go to the food store because sometimes what you really need, right now, is chips, salsa and beer and you just don’t want to pay $30 for them at a restaurant.

In Pittsburgh we introduced FIVE new projects made using the new, screen-print batiks line from Island Batiks. We were pleased to have been asked to design projects for this newest line. The screen-print line is really expanding what can be done with batiks. We had a lot of fun designing these projects and as always the patterns are beautifully illustrated with color, step-by-step instructions. Oh, and check out the quilting…masterful.

Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash85″ x 97″. A collection of 30 bright fat quarters along with black. You’ll need an 18˚ wedge ruler for the dresden circles.



4 and 6_chartreuse69″x 83″. 18 blue, teal and purple fat quarters on a sea of Chartreuse. The circles can easily be cut using the Olfa circle cutter.


Drunkard’s Path.4 and 6_drunkards pathSizes Throw, Queen or King. 18-42 fat quarters (depending on the size) along with the border fabric. Elisa’s Backporch templates, sizes, 7″ and 3 1/2, make cutting these blocks so easy.


King’s Ransom.

4 and 6_kings ransom

Sizes Baby thru King. 6-38 quarter yards (depending on the size) or use pre-cut 2 1/2″ strips. Full disclosure, this one isn’t new. We first published this pattern back in 2006 but it’s still a great pattern so we updated it for this market. We really love this blue border.


Jackie’s Backpack.

BackpackThis picture makes us laugh. It’s so bad. Here’s what happened… Our sister Ann designed this backpack quite a long time ago and we’ve been making them for years for the 14 kids in the family and for all of their friends. We thought it would be a great idea to have a bunch made so we could give them away at our schoolhouse session (for those who don’t know, schoolhouse is a day-long, educational, set of  seminars given in 30 minute increments to perspective customers as a preview of what they’ll see during market. To entice customers to come your schoolhouse…well… free stuff usually gets them in the door). Mary needed to tweak the pattern a little so she made one to familiarize herself with the written directions. That backpack, the one pictured here, then went to the sewers as an example of the finished product. When it came time to print the patterns she realized that she had never taken the cover photo and had no time to make another bag. Hence, the none-descript, brown, what-is-that, photo of the cutest backpack bag, EVER.

All of the patterns are available on our web site as a PDF, downloadable, pattern or we can mail one to you.

Mary & Barbara