Full Bloom


We’ve had a very busy summer. We’d adjusted our schedule so we could take the summer off from teaching and lecturing and concentrate on the new projects for our first-ever fabric line. But, as it goes in the fabric industry, the fabric was three weeks late, essentially cutting our design time in half. There is simply no way to change the due-date for projects. Time marches on.

Designing quilts has been a joy of ours for a long time and we still get excited when we start a new project.  But designing quilts using our own fabrics exceeded our expectation, and it’s been a dream of ours for many years. When this line was designed, last year, we had no idea what it would look like as actual pieces of cloth. When it arrived over the summer,  we were pleasantly surprised (read: WE WERE ECSTATIC!).

So, in three weeks, we designed and completed a block-of-the-month project, a fat quarter project and a strip quilt project, from scratch. We had a few thoughts regarding quilt designs but when we saw the fabrics we had an explosion of ideas. However, we could choose only three to go with the launch.

Finally! We can announce those projects.

Fabric swatches are posted on our web site if you want to see them, up-close and personal, before they hit the stores (www.4and6designs.com).

Full Bloom is not only the name of our first fabric line but also our block of the month.

The fabrics arrive in stores in March/April 2015.

Your local quilt shop is expected to start with Block One on or about April 1, 2015.


What we’re excited about

  • Pre-order the pattern starting in January.
  • Block of the Month series on Youtube. On our very own Youtube channel, we will release a new video each month to guide you through process.
  • Exclusive, companion, thread box from Aurifil Thread. We partnered with Aurifil to bring you a thread box filled with the 12 colors needed to complete all of the appliqué.
  • We will be sharing info and links to shops selling the block of the month program for customers without access to a quilt shop.


Remember this picture from Facebook? This is how it started. Getting it all washed and pressed.

laundry room

Look at it now.

Appliqué for everyone.

Block 6

Block 3


Block 9 Border Inner border Quilting Small white

We LOVE this quilt. This is one of our proudest moments while being in this industry. We think this is one of the best quilts we’ve ever designed together.



Mary & Barbara